Ever since the pandemic started, many families have looked for ways to make their time at home more comfortable and enjoyable. This has meant doing things like renovating kitchens and bathrooms, installing home theater systems, investing in quality appliances, and working out in home gyms. Each of these things can mean a significant improvement in your time spent at home, and even an increase in property value. However, they can also present new safety hazards.

Take, for example, that last one – owning personal exercise equipment. The idea of exercise equipment is obviously to improve your health! However, the equipment itself can be a hazard to you and your family. The moving parts of an elliptical machine can be serious pinch points for children. Treadmills can launch an unsuspecting victim head-first into solid objects. Even a kettlebell weight left carelessly on the floor can cause significant damage to your toes. When you’re not working out, why not take a minute to look around and see how you can improve the safety in your home gym?

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