There are a lot of different reasons why there may be poor indoor air quality in your home. One of those reasons may be that the ductwork of your central air conditioning system is dirty. Bacteria, dust, dander, pollen, smoke, and even mold can lurk inside ductwork, and it’s not exactly an easy thing to get inside your ducts and scrub them out. If you’ve noticed the effects of poor indoor air and you suspect the cause may be the ductwork of your HVAC system, what can you do?

Nationwide, there are professional cleaning services that include duct cleaning. Of course, the results of the work will depend on the service you hire, but in general, most duct cleaning services involve similar activities. In short, these companies will connect a machine to your central air system that will either push or pull air forcibly through the ductwork – essentially vacuuming the ducts. Once this is done, they’ll spray a coat of formulated chemicals to keep the ducts clean and mold-free for as long as possible.

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