One of the more devastating events that can happen in a person’s life is having their home broken into. Burglary can leave a person feel vulnerable and violated. In order to avoid that pain, there are plenty of practical things that can be done to protect your property.

But there are security-centric websites you can go to for help with those. Let’s talk about some ways to “fake out” potential burglars. Posting elements that indicate that your house is protected by a security system can help – things like putting a sign from an alarm monitoring company in the front yard or stickers with their logo on windows around the house.

Also, if you don’t even own a dog, at least having “Beware of Dog” signs posted can give criminals the idea that there’s a beast lurking nearby. Of course, having an actual dog or monitored security system is preferred, but if those are not an option, these might be the next best thing.

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